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5 Hour HIV and AIDS training

A Layne Post

The class we attended on Saturday was such a wealth of information. We learned about HIV, exactly how it is attacking the body, the progression, how it is diagnosed, treatments, etc. A pharmacist from Walgreens came in and explained in detail about the medications and some of the side effects. We also learned about alternative treatments and nutrition recommendations, which could potentially be quite helpful for us, if we do not have much access to meds.

All the information we went over was given to us in a binder, so forgetting is not a problem! Hallelujah. =)

The biggest thing I walked away from the class with was HOPE. HIV and AIDS no longer has to be a death sentence. We met some people in class who had been diagnosed with HIV 28 years ago and are still living full, rich lives. It is manageable with proper care.

There is hope for the orphans in Africa. There is hope for Angola. There is hope.

I praise the Lord for leading me to the website, and getting me in touch with the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS.  I look forward to working with them to learn more over the next few weeks.

We’ll keep you updated!

Going to an AIDS clinic training

A Jon Post

Saturday (May 16th) we are going to an AIDS clinic here in Arizona for a training day. The clinic is called Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS and this all day workshop will include a whole lot of invaluable information. Much of the material we are already familiar with but there’s also quite a bit of info that we are anxious to know more about. We will learn more about treatment options, natural therapies (especially important to us), up-to-date nutrition guides, and more.

All of this came about because of the incredible dedication that Layne has to being as prepared for HIV/AIDS missions as possible. She contacted this clinic a few weeks ago interested in volunteering for them. Our short time left in the states, unfortunately, won’t allow it to happen, but with the little time we have left in the states we hope to learn as much as we can from the wonderful people working and volunteering there.

Don’t Give Up

A Layne Post:

As you remember the vision, I would implore you to not give up on that vision, our vision. When things take longer than expected, when it seems as though everything is at a standstill, do not give up.
If Jon and Layne falter, if we grow weary
Do not give up.
It is imperative for the people of southern Angola to have people fighting for them. You fight by interceding. You fight by financially supporting the hands-on effort. You fight by spreading awareness of the need.

Fight for the fatherless.
Fight for the sick.
Fight for the poor.

And do not give up.


Honestly this whole process has been somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster for me. When I say this, I have to giggle because we have not even gotten to Africa. I know it is only the beginning, but let me share. I want you to understand the process in all of this. For now it may seem like we are just sitting, however, we are anything but that.

I started this with so much determination. Don’t get me wrong, I am still determined (said with my serious eyebrows), but over time I have wavered. There have been moments of utter weakness, ready to throw my hands up.

I have struggled with the fear of not being able to do this, thinking maybe it is all too big; maybe I am going to let everyone down. I have prayed earnestly, thought I have heard the voice of the Lord, acted, and then nothing happened. I was left discouraged. Maybe I made up the voice in my head. Perhaps I longed so much for direction that I made up my own. Who knows? I would not be able to answer that even now.

At one point I began to get quite hopeful and decided I would let my heart go there, to get a little excited. That ended with deep hurt and what felt like betrayal. I was left uncontrollably sobbing into my husband’s arms (even now I get tearful thinking about it).

Right now I have surrendered all my efforts. I am at peace. Truly, I am. I read in Psalms 46:10 (NASB) “Cease striving and know that I am God.” I simply need Him to be God.

Remember The Vision

A Jon Post:

The vision is the Gospel of the Kingdom forcefully advancing.
The vision is the hand of Christ touching “the least of these”.
The vision is food for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, clothing the naked, taking in the stranger, and visiting the sick and imprisoned.

The vision is a ministry in south-west Angola. Children orphaned by AIDS, war, poverty, who are given a chance to have a father and mother. The vision is long days, late nights, dirty hands, breathing in and breathing out the life, love and pain of giving ourselves to others and to Christ.

Remember… oh friends and family, remember the vision.

It’s important. Vitally important.

I had just finished telling a young man in Africa of the love of Jesus Christ and about the intimate plans and relationship that Christ has for him, when he asked me why his parents and grandparents hadn’t heard this.  You see, this vision has been around for a long time. We are just a part of it and we affect it mightily. That young man’s parents were a part of the vision.
But some times people forget the vision. Ezekiel tells us that we have a heavy responsibility as Watchmen to speak and to warn people. Ezekiel metaphorically tells us that their blood will be on our hands. Don’t believe me? Read it. Read Ezekiel chapter 33. Read it. Verse 6… “His blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.”
YOU are a watchman with the rest of us. You are not alone. We stand together. Together.
Be desperate with us. Dear friend be desperate with me. We cannot do this alone. STAND body of Christ… STAND!

Remember… oh friends and family, remember the vision.

It’s important. Vitally important.

Our entry into Web 2.0

Today I set up a blog for the first time. It’s been fun… it took me about 20 minutes to get WordPress set up and download and modify a theme and then apply it. Now you have to go through and make catagories, tags, and such. Let’s see if I can keep with it all. Layne will probably be the primary blogger (being the facebook/myspace/xanga pro she is). I just get to do the technical stuff and write when/what I feel like. Cool.