HopeWe believe that prayer is vital to Casa Ahavá. As a family, we daily come to the Father and seek His strength and His face in prayer.

More than any other way of helping us (financially, volunteering, etc.) we need people to pray for and with us. Since 2009 we’ve relied on the prayers of the saints around the world who believe in us and believe in the vision of Casa Ahavá and believe in the idea that the Kingdom of God extends to the sick and dying. We desperately need people who will partner with us and pray that strength be unfailing and that peace and hope be present in our family and in Casa Ahavá.Suffering

We need people to pray for our patients.

We need people to pray for our family.Prayer

We need people to pray for our leadership team at Voices of the World.

We need people to pray for us every day.

And we want to pray for you. We know that we are not exempt from the commands God gives us to pray for each other so if you need prayer and would like to reach out to us for that,

please do so here.