This video tells a bit of our story from when we arrived in 2009 until mid-2013.

We were sent to Maputo, Mozambique in November of 2009 in a strategic move to care for the hurting and dying people in the area, especially those who die alone without family or friends around. We were also sent to care for and fill the needs of the orphans who are left behind after AIDS, Cancer, Malaria and many other illnesses take their toll on parents who die in Maputo. We are here to speak for these precious dying men, women and children, and the family they leave behind who cannot speak for themselves.

We serve and lead Casa Ahavá, a home for cancer patients who find themselves far from friends and family on treatment and fighting for their lives. We spend our days helping cancer patients live as comfortably as possible, as healthy as possible and as loved as possible. We live with our four daughters, Anaya, Jovie, Karasi and Selah, along with the cancer patients of Casa Ahavá.