A Layne Post

Leaving  on a jet plane… don’t know when I’ll be back again…

In a mere 20 days Jon and I will begin our second journey as a married couple. Wow! Where did the time go?! In some ways I feel like we just returned from our ‘Around the World Trip’ and have gotten into some normal routine.

We will begin by spending a week and a half in Corpus Christi, Texas with my lovely family, taking in as much as we can. I treasure these short weeks. Once we head to Africa, we will not be sure of the next return. That is a strange feeling for me, accompanied by many tears that seem to come on at random times. Jon is so comforting and understanding.

On July 4th we board a plane to Porto, Portugal! It is exciting to be taking another step towards the start of our future ministry.

Jon is still working as I sit at home looking at our stuff to pack. Yes, I said looking. Ha! I have pulled our belongings out into the middle of our living space, gotten rid of a lot, bought plastic tubs… and pretty much that is where it has stopped. I haven’t been motivated to get the stuff in the tubs. Maybe I am just afraid of how many tubs we need, and/or the fact that I may need to slim down some more. Getting rid of things can be strangely difficult. Why we have sentimental attachments to silly little things, I don’t know.

This weekend we head to San Diego with the  Heller clan to participate in the Camp Pendleton 10K Mud Run. We have been training for a few months and are up to running 6 miles. After the hard work of running, we will spend a few days having a family vacation. The whole family will be together! (Rare these days)

At a wedding...

At a wedding...


Jon has diligently been working on this. He is in contact with the Houston consulate every two to three days. Honestly, I’ll brag on him and say what a great job he does communicating over the phone. He is much better in this area than I am. We are waiting on some information from them about non-profits.

Thankfully with the help of some missionaries currently living in Angola, we are also  in contact with a local church. The leadership is limited in speaking English, so e-mails are sometimes difficult. We have not committed to coming under their leadership, but we are interested and praying about it. We would appreciate your prayers in this area as well.

We continue to feel the peace of the Lord. He is in control and we are wholly trusting in Him.

Thank YOU.

We are forever grateful for our supporters. We could not do this without you. Your prayers and encouragement push us forward. Thank you.