A Jon Post

I wrote this some time ago and recently found it again. I some times need to remember that there’s so much more that Jesus has asked of me. And I love Him so much… I love Him so much. I don’t have to get caught up in the sin in my life or anything else because I love Him. It’s out of that love that I flow into serving Him. Anyway… read on if you’d like. More than read… do. More than do… love Him.

Why is it so easy to forget?

Why is it so easy to be outraged at 5:03 as we watch the story of an evil leader murder millions and then be entertained at 5:15 as we watch millionaires throw balls to each other?

Why is it so easy to write a blog like this and feel like we’ve done something to help the suffering of a devastated nation?

Would you let inspiration move you to go and sell all that you have and give the proceeds to the poor and follow an unattractive, soft-spoken Jew who makes claims of deity?

Why is it so easy to forget that Jew’s words?

“I was hungry… and you gave me nothing to eat… you just watched me on the six o’clock news and said ‘wow that’s terrible’ and then changed the channel”
“I was sick … and you didn’t visit me… you hoped that someone would find a cure for the disease my depraved parents passed on to me”
“I was a stranger… and you turned me away… then you called the police and warned them that I wasn’t supposed to have crossed a fence separating the land people decided on two hundred years ago”
“I was naked… and you didn’t clothe me… you wished someone would take care of the prostitute problem in my country and blamed me for the fact that my parents sold me to a man when I was 6 years old to be used as a toy for the rest of my life”

Was that Jew a Republican? How could a Republican tell a rich man to sell everything he had, all his hard earned money, everything he had worked for in his life, all the comforts he deserved because of his hard work, and give it to the leeches of society, to the lazy bums who won’t motivate themselves to go get a job, and enable them to continue in their laziness?
Was that Jew a Democrat? How could a Democrat demand that the poor give offerings that are just as meaningful to them as a rich man’s offering?

I guess I’m just a little disgusted at my need to have the comforts I never earned.
I guess I’m just a little tired of how much I want to eat and how much I want things done my way and done fast.
I guess I’m just a little tired of how proud I have always been that I care about people.
I guess I’m just a little tired of being so indifferent.

Would you be willing to trade all the inspiration in your heart for a day of unthanked, unnoticed, disregarded work under a blistering sun?

Would you stand alone while you’re misunderstood and forget about defending yourself and protecting your rights?

Would you lay down your rights and your precious little wrongs and follow a revolutionary carpenter from a tiny town known for its laziness?

Why do we feel so good agreeing with these stupid words?

Is there power in them? Is there power to spark a great people to a great work?

Can one decision to follow a formerly crucified Jew redeem us from a life of indifference?

He said it could…